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Need Better Cash Flow?

Crowdfunding May Be Your Solution!

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If You Are a Professional Driver, You Can
Increase Your Cash Flow by Joining Our
Drivers Relief Network!

Are You Looking For Better Cash Flow?

If you are a Professional Driver looking for a way to earn additional income while you’re on the road, then you need to listen up real close. We have a simple yet effective way to greatly improve your cash flow, put an end to your long hours of driving, and help other drivers you know do the same.

Drivers Relief Network… Who Are We?

Drivers Relief Network is a project of Keep It Truckin’, LLC. We’re nationally known for our repair financing programs and have been serving the trucking industry for over 6 years. We recently formed Drivers Relief Network and partnered with a global fund raising organization. Together, we offer millions of drivers all over North America an additional opportunity to make money that would not compete with their livelihood.

Many of our participants represent various transportation segments such as drivers from the trucking industry, UBER and Lyft drivers, UPS, FedEx and others…even pizza delivery drivers are members of our community.

Why Drivers Relief Network…

Through our conversations with drivers like yourself, over the last 5 years, we have found one common frustration you all seem to share: you’re fed up with driving long hours just to earn enough to make ends meet. And in many cases, it’s still not enough money to enjoy a decent living!  Another frustration we’ve heard is dealing with impatient, rude and not-so courteous public drivers.

For those professionals who drive a big rig truck, the long work hours, days away from home and family, and complying with mounting federal regulations is increasingly overwhelming.   Now, with the introduction of new CSA 2010 regulations, you will be constantly under threat of being out of business or having your license revoked, not to mention the expense to implement this new requirement.

There Must Be a Better Way?

You must be constantly asking yourself… there’s got to be a better way to make a living and eventually retire from this life of driving. We understand the everyday issues you are confronted with and realize how important your industry is to the livelihood of this country. We understand and appreciate all that you do to keep us rolling along… and we believe we have a solution to your cash flow dilemma. We would love for you to take a “TIME OUT” and see if what we offer is a viable solution to a national problem in your industry.

The Solution…

We’ve heard the frustrations and we decided it was time take action and help you confront your cash flow issues “head on” and show you how to subsidize your income while you’re driving. You can do what thousands of others are doing on a part-time or full-time basis. Could you use extra cash to…

  • Help with your monthly business expenses?
  • Pay-off your vehicle or buy a new one?
  • Build an emergency fund?
  • Save more towards retirement?
  • Save for future vehicle repairs?
  • Get better health insurance for your family?
  • Just take care of basic family needs?

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to significantly increase your income, all you need to do is join us and the global organization we are affiliated with. You’ll be working with thousands of other professional drivers, collectively creating financial security for everyone. It’s simple and extremely affordable.

Here’s how it Works…

Joining the Drivers Relief Network is Absolutely Free. To join the global organization we are affiliated with, there is a one-time out of pocket $50 enrollment fee which also covers the product purchase of a financial literacy e-book series. This e-book series will educate and guide you on how to successfully grow and manage your money. There are no monthly fees or dues, and no other out-of-pocket expenses. Just the one-time $50…that’s it!

Once you join, you have the opportunity to participate in a generous “Referral Rewards” platform whereby you can earn money by referring others to the network in your community.

When others join your network, you are compensated. The larger the network grows, the more you earn. It’s similar to joining an “Association or Membership Club” but with a “Twist.”

You receive a product when you enroll, there are no monthly or annual dues or fees. However, unlike other Associations or Membership Clubs, our organization pays you a referral reward.

You have the opportunity to earn some serious income for building a network of Affiliates in your community. As you and others in the network combine your efforts, the network grows larger and larger where everyone shares in the prosperity of the network.

We Support Drivers at Work…

May we suggest you invest some quality time and check us out? You can attend one of our weekly online webinar overviews to see the full scope of who we are and how we can work together to improve your cash flow. You can also request our Special Report by completing the form below. The report outlines a money raising concept called Crowdfunding- the method behind the lucrative referral rewards platform. You will learn how simple our program is to create an extra $4,000 to $8,000 and more a month while on the road doing what you already do… DRIVING!

What Are My Next Steps

  • Get your free special report
  • Get back to who referred you
  • Review the compensation plan
  • Attend a weekly online presentation
  • Enroll as an Affiliate
  • Spread the message

For more information, please contact the Affiliate who invited you to this program.